Friday, January 22, 2010

Holy Crap My Pants SALE at! is having a HUGE Blowout Sale! Most items are 50-60% off! If you were waiting for the perfect time to stock up on pranks and gags for upcoming practical jokes (like April Fools Day), now is the time!

Some of our Hilarious Bumper Magnet Pranks are only $1.99!
Funny Bumper Magnet Pranks

Slap one of our hilarious magnetic bumper "sticker" signs on someone's car or truck and laugh your butt off as they drive down the road. These signs are printed on magnetic sheeting so they will not damage the vehicles finish, but we CANNOT guarantee what they do to the ego of the driver! Stick one on someone's car or truck... They won't notice for days! 10" x 3" Magnetic Bumper Sticker.

Lots of our Funny Toilet Paper is only $1.40 per roll!
Generic Toilet Paper for Cheap Assholes

We all know the type of person who buys the absolute cheapest toilet paper they can find. Well PrankPlace is pleased to offer our GENERIC TOILET TISSUE, this is actually real toilet paper labeled with this hilarious label. Makes a great gag gift, or even a funny practical joke by leaving it in your 'victims' bathroom.

Talking Fat Bastard is only $7.99 (original price $19.99)
Talking Fat Bastard Doll

He is dead sexy, and he can be all yours! Just press his belly or pull his finger to hear him say rude, crude, and nasty things while he shakes and gyrates in your hands. Makes ya wanna get in his belly!

Some of our Tattoo Sleeves are only $5.99 a pair!
Flaming Skull Tattoo Sleeves

Amaze your friends, shock your spouse, or co-workers with our Flaming Skull design tattoo sleeves. Now you can get "inked" by night and still keep your day job! The tattoo is printed directly on the stretchable fabric sleeves fabric which is a machine washable nylon. They come in pairs; wear one or both.

TONS of our silly Bumper Stickers are on sale for only $1.19!
FedSex Funny Bumper Sticker

Bumper Stickers are an expression of yourself, and your style. These high quality bumper stickers will really get your point across. These are not just for car bumpers, these look great anywhere! And be sure to check out our magnetic stickers and pranks, and our clearance stickers too!

Many of our Inflatable Characters are on sale from $1.19 to $15.00!
Inflatable Gnome on sale!

Create your very own mystical, fantasy land with this giant inflatable Gnome. Place it in your home, at your office or in your backyard. The base has a hole for water to weigh it down so the wind won’t carry it away. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood! The Inflatable Gnome also makes a great gift item for a garden or nature lover. It inflates to 36 inches high and 18 inches wide, so it’s sure to get everyone’s attention!

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