Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ring in the New Year with Fantastic Savings!

Here's the new stuff from our latest Fun Letter at

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Crapping Santa Toilet Paper


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Monthly Doos Calendar

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I'm Confused...No Wait, Maybe I'm Not! T-Shirt

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Box of Crap at

Our $5.00 Box of Crap has been a number one seller here at Who would have thought so many people would enjoy sending us $5.00 to receive a box full of Crap! Well, as stated in the product description:

Inside each box is at least $50 worth of merchandise for you and your family or friends to enjoy.

Box of Crap

But all in all, it is still a box of crap, and it could really contain any items our warehouse guys feel like packing in there - and it usually includes some crazy items that we thought were funny, purchased a lot of, but didn't sell as well as we thought they would. We need to get them off our hands, and thus created the Box of Crap.

Because we get so many orders for the Box of Crap, it is also the most complained about item in our stock. We get calls all of the time from people complaining that they received the dumbest items ever in their box of crap. To these people, we do not know what to say. If you order a box of crap, you will receive a box of crap.

Here's a funny video we made, showing you how we pack our boxes of crap!

Any suggestions on how we can make it more clear to our customers that they will receive a box of CRAP when they order a box of crap?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best Gift for Fishermen Who Take Long Bathroom Breaks

In searching for the perfect holiday gift for my Dad, who spends a lot of time in the bathroom, and even more time out fishing, I came across this Hook, Line, and Stinker Toilet Fishing Game. It combines two of his favorite activities into one - and though it will probably having him stay in the bathroom even longer than he does already (I am sure Mom will be so happy!), I am positive it will be his favorite gift.

Hook, Line, and Stinker Game

Though he is used to fishing for Brook Trout and Bass, I am sure he will have a blast (hopefully not a strong one from his ass!) fishing for the colorful, magnetic fish included in the game.

Hook, Line, and Stinker Game

Magnetic Fish

Each game includes a fishing pole, a vinyl lake that fits perfectly on the floor in front of your toilet, three colored, magnetic fish, and a Gone Fishin'/Do Not Disturb sign for the door so Mom will know when he is fishing or when he is just taking a quick pee.
Box for Toilet Fishing Game

You can get this funny potty gift, as well as a ton of other funny potty gifts at the best online resource for pranks and gag gifts -!

Three Magnetic Fish

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Games to Play on a Snow Day at Home

It's snowing here in Connecticut and though we all made it in to the PrankPlace ok, but sometimes don't you wish you were a kid so you could stay home and have a sweet snow day?

Here's some of the fun games and things we'd be doing if we were at home right now:

Playing in the Snow!
Duh, it's a snow day! We would most definitely be outside sliding down some major hills today since the snow is all fluffy and dense. If you are into EXTREME sledding like I am, then make sure you have a thick toboggan sled. Once you slide over a giant bump you didn't know you were going to go over, your butt will never let you go without a proper sled again. Plus, you don't want a flimsy sled collapsing when you fly over a rad jump.

Shithead the game
A great game to play outside in the snow is The Shithead Game. With this fun game, you and a friend can run around in the snow outside wearing velcro hats, throwing brown poops at each other! I think it would be fun to play while out in the snow, because since to poops are brown, you won't lose any of them in the white snow!
Shithead the Game

Doo Doo Darts
Nothing is more fun than playing a rollicking game of Doo Doo Darts after you've come inside from a great day of playing in the snow. Get yourself some hot cocoa and toss some velcro poops onto a fuzzy toilet on your wall!
Doo Doo Darts

Fart the Game
Since you aren't in school today, you don't have to be on your best behavior, and you CERTAINLY don't have to be polite to any teachers, so why not let all of your burps and farts hang out while playing The Fart Game. This super fun game encourages you to be as gross and vile as possible in order to win the game. We are sure Mom and Dad won't mind you letting all your disgustingness out during the game either, so maybe tonight at the dinner table, you will be all farted and burped out!
The Fart Game

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot Porno Chick Counts Down the Best Poop and Fart Gifts from

Watch this funny, farty video about the best pooping & farting gifts to buy for your loved ones this holiday season.

If you are looking for the poopiest and fartiest gifts to give to anyone on your holiday shopping list, look no further than They've got soft, fake doody, poop in a can, fart spray, and more! Check it out at!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009's Customizable Urinal Cake Kits Make it Easy to Pee On People is the largest direct manufacturer and importer of pranks, gags, and funny gifts in the United States. The company is known for providing both individuals and wholesale customers with a wide variety of innovative and fun toy and games such as the Toilet Monster, the Fanny Bank, and Tattoo Sleeves.

The company's newest item, The Customizable Urinal Cake Kit was created out of the success of their regular line of Pee On Urinal Cakes. Pee On Urinal Cakes are urinal cakes with photos of popular iconic people on them, such as Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong-Il, and President George W. Bush. The gag became such a great seller, Steve Wampold, CEO of, decided to create a more customizable version.

Customizable Urinal Cake Kit

"I wanted to create a customizable urinal cake where people could cut out a photo of their boss and place it into a urinal for all the male co-workers to laugh at. I think it would be great to one day walk into a public restroom at a restaurant and see my waitress' face staring back at me as I pee on her," said Wampold. "Plus, my original Pee-On Urinal Cake idea was to make one with a Yankees logo on it, but I knew I could never get a license. With this kit, I could make my own and not violate any trademarks."

Customizable Urinal Cake Kit Box

Each Customizable Pee On Urinal Cake Kit includes a urinal cake, plastic cover, cake holder, clear plastic window, circle template and a latex glove, so you can keep your hands sanitary.

Everything in the Customizable Urinal Cake Kit

For almost 10 years, has taken great pride in its’ outstanding customer service, innovative ideas, and high quality gags and pranks. For more information, please contact Tom at 1-800-901-1163 or visit


Monday, November 2, 2009

Top Ten Political Holiday Gifts

In honor of the elections occurring all across America tomorrow, I decided to post a Top Ten Political Holiday Gift list.

10. Pack of 50 Obama Stimulus Million Dollar Bills
Want to help Obama stimulate the economy? Help him hand out these million dollar stimulus bills. Funny money with Barack Obama's head! This currency looks and feels real. Great conversation tool. Our funny money and fake million dollar bills look just like real US Currency. These are very high quality, designed by an incredibly talented artist. Our fake money make great gifts, additions to greeting cards, or even sales promotions and sales tools.

Obama Million Dollar Stimulus Bills

9. MILF Michelle Obama T-Shirt
This funny T-shirt lets everyone know that Michele Obama is one Mom you'd like to F#ck!

Michele Obama MILF T-Shirt

8. Mini Barack Obama Doll
Need a little inspiration in your daily routine? Look no further, because we have the figurine that will get you pumped up and ready to save the country! Feast your eyes on our delightful 13" Barack Obama Animated Figure. Just set him anywhere, press the button, and get ready to relive the inspiring words of Barack Obama whenever you like in your leisure. Takes 3 AA batteries (included).

Mini Barack Obama Doll

7. Barack Obama Chia Pet Head
Can Barack Obama have a wild, green growing afro? YES HE CAN with this Obama Chia Pet Head in honor of our 44th US President. Some leaders throughout history get giant bronze statues made in their honor, but not many get little clay figures with tufts of grass coming out of their head! Now's your chance to own this unique piece of history and give Obama a Mohawk.

Obama Chia Pet Head

6. Official Stimulus Lottery Tickets
Now you can stimulate every person you know with these fun Official Stimulus Lottery Tickets! This pack of 12 lottery tickets gives you many chances to scratch and get paid...however, the odds of winning are 100%, but the odds of getting paid are 0%.

Official Stimulus Lottery Tickets

5. Hillary Clinton "I Love Country Music" T-Shirt
This hilarious T-Shirt has a hidden message. Look closely to find out the funny joke!

I Love Country Music Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

4. Pee-On Osama Bin Laden Urinal Cake
Turn the most hated terrorist in the world into a Pee On. Osama Bin Laden may be hiding somewhere in the mountains, but now you can piss all over him in the men's room. Fun for you and everyone else at the office.

Osama Bin Laden Urinal Cake

3. George W. Bush Toilet Paper
Sure, he is no longer in the office, but he can still be the butt of your jokes. And what better way to get President Bush closer to your butt than with this funny George Bush Toilet Paper! Each square of TP has George's smiling face on it, complete with an intelligent GW quote underneath, like "They misunderestimated me," or "We need an energy bill that encourages consumption." Good ole W.

George Bush Toilet Paper

2. Obama Condoms
Barack Obama is going to change the United condom at a time. These real condoms wrapped up in Obama endorsed packaging will have everyone longing for some stimulus. You can either buy them separately or in packs of 3. The condoms inside are Durex brand latex condoms. These Obama Condoms are the ultimate stimulus package!

Barack Obama Condoms

1. Beatin' Barack
Have fun watching the Big O stimulate his own package! Just wind up this Barack Obama and he becomes another jerk-off in the White House! You go Barack!

Beatin' Barack Wind Up Toy

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Want to Pee on George Bush? Or how about Osama Bin Laden?

Urinals are great places to pee. They are convenient to use, they conserve water, and they beautify Men's bathrooms with their gleaming white waterfall-like appearance. The fun folks at have designed a product that will make peeing in a urinal an even more wonderful experience.

Introducing: Pee-On Urinal Cakes These funny urinal cakes come in 9 different styles that allow you to pee on people (or political parties) you REALLY hate.

Simply place on of these silly urinal cakes into any urinal, using the included sanitary rubber glove, and empty your bladder all over George Bush.

Pee-On Urinal Cake Featuring George Bush

Turn former President George Bush into a Pee On! He got us into a big mess in Iraq and made us laugh with his genius statements like "they misunderestimated me." Relive those fond moments while taking a leak.

Pee-On Urinal Cake Featuring Nancy Pelosi

Turn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi into a Pee On! She confronted the CIA about waterboarding and now you can give her a golden shower of your own! Make a political statement while taking a leak.

You can also Pee-On Bernie Madoff, Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong-Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Barack Obama, or if you hate the whole bunch, consider peeing on the entire Democratic or Republican Party!

Coming soon - Create your own Pee-On Urinal Cakes! That's right, you'll soon be able to cut out a friend's face, insert it into a Urinal Cake, and pee all over them, R. Kelly style!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We are Giving Away Toilet Mugs Like Hot Cakes!

Just so all of you know, if you are one of my Facebook fans, or if you are following me on Twitter, you could win a FREE Toilet Mug!

I choose one winner every day (one from Twitter and one from Facebook), so if you are friends with em on both services, you have a better chance of winning! Now, who wouldn't want to win a free Toilet Mug?

Toilet Mug

Friday, October 16, 2009

Balloon Boy?

In honor of the Balloon Boy ridiculousness yesterday, I thought it would be funny to post on Twitter that Falcon (what a dumb name!) was found, and I pointed people to this link.

Squirt Wee Boy

Hoping that I'd get a few laughs out of the situation by making people believe that I knew where the boy was, I found that many people were actually UPSET that I would post such false news.

C'mon, people! Lighten up! Turns out the whole thing was just a giant hoax anyways, so looks like the joke's on you, you pussies.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick Your Man with the Always Positive Fake Pregnancy Test!

Wow, I hope no none ever tricks me with this cruel prank! This always positive pregnancy test is the absolute scariest prank you can play on your man. Ladies, though I don't condone you guys playing such a horrible game on us men, I do see the humor in it.

It looks exactly like a pregnancy test, but the result is always shown as positive. I can just see it now - some sly woman walking out of the bathroom over to her man with a fake frowny face as she tells her man she is pregnant. Wonder how many guys will shit themselves!

You can get your Fake Pregnancy Test at for only $9.98.

Fake Home Pregnancy Test

Friday, October 9, 2009

Speaking of Lady Farts - La Queefer!

I am sure everyone has seen that hilarious South Park episode starring the Canadian duo "The Queef Sisters." If you haven't, let me sum it up for you. The Queef Sisters are two lovely ladies from Canada that have an intense love of queefing. Much like the characters Terrance and Philip, these two ladies love making "lady fart sounds" on cue. It is pretty funny and a little bit gross at the same time.

Well, has come out with a small, pink device that makes queefing noises, in honor of the lovely Queef Sisters. The toy is called La Queefer. You just put it in your palm and squeeze! After a few tries, you will be an expert queefer!

La Queefer from

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Camille Toe's Showing Some Classic Camel Toe on Halloween

Ok, I have seen some Halloween costumes in my day, but this one is absolutely hilarious!

It's called "Camille Toe" the Aerobics Instructor that is showing too much camel toe. I am actually a pretty big fan of camel toes...when they are on hot women of course. However, this costume is pretty funny! You can get it at: