Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Games to Play on a Snow Day at Home

It's snowing here in Connecticut and though we all made it in to the PrankPlace ok, but sometimes don't you wish you were a kid so you could stay home and have a sweet snow day?

Here's some of the fun games and things we'd be doing if we were at home right now:

Playing in the Snow!
Duh, it's a snow day! We would most definitely be outside sliding down some major hills today since the snow is all fluffy and dense. If you are into EXTREME sledding like I am, then make sure you have a thick toboggan sled. Once you slide over a giant bump you didn't know you were going to go over, your butt will never let you go without a proper sled again. Plus, you don't want a flimsy sled collapsing when you fly over a rad jump.

Shithead the game
A great game to play outside in the snow is The Shithead Game. With this fun game, you and a friend can run around in the snow outside wearing velcro hats, throwing brown poops at each other! I think it would be fun to play while out in the snow, because since to poops are brown, you won't lose any of them in the white snow!
Shithead the Game

Doo Doo Darts
Nothing is more fun than playing a rollicking game of Doo Doo Darts after you've come inside from a great day of playing in the snow. Get yourself some hot cocoa and toss some velcro poops onto a fuzzy toilet on your wall!
Doo Doo Darts

Fart the Game
Since you aren't in school today, you don't have to be on your best behavior, and you CERTAINLY don't have to be polite to any teachers, so why not let all of your burps and farts hang out while playing The Fart Game. This super fun game encourages you to be as gross and vile as possible in order to win the game. We are sure Mom and Dad won't mind you letting all your disgustingness out during the game either, so maybe tonight at the dinner table, you will be all farted and burped out!
The Fart Game

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