Monday, December 21, 2009

The Box of Crap at

Our $5.00 Box of Crap has been a number one seller here at Who would have thought so many people would enjoy sending us $5.00 to receive a box full of Crap! Well, as stated in the product description:

Inside each box is at least $50 worth of merchandise for you and your family or friends to enjoy.

Box of Crap

But all in all, it is still a box of crap, and it could really contain any items our warehouse guys feel like packing in there - and it usually includes some crazy items that we thought were funny, purchased a lot of, but didn't sell as well as we thought they would. We need to get them off our hands, and thus created the Box of Crap.

Because we get so many orders for the Box of Crap, it is also the most complained about item in our stock. We get calls all of the time from people complaining that they received the dumbest items ever in their box of crap. To these people, we do not know what to say. If you order a box of crap, you will receive a box of crap.

Here's a funny video we made, showing you how we pack our boxes of crap!

Any suggestions on how we can make it more clear to our customers that they will receive a box of CRAP when they order a box of crap?


trekfan74205 said...

How about posting a warning? lol

"WARNING!! This box-of-CRAP can, will, and DOES, contain pointless, crazy, odd, and possibly unwanted, C R A P!! GUARANTEED $50.00 worth of C R A P for ONLY $5.00!
So NO crying, moaning, groaning, or COMPLAINTS on what ya get in your Box-of-C R A P!!
Ya only paid FIVE BUCKS AFTER ALL!! :)"

Or something along those lines.
hehe haha lmao rofl pmp

Hope that helps!
Your freind, fan, and fellow Box-of-CRAP owner,
Mark C.

Anonymous said...

Where is the box of crap? I miss it so.