Wednesday, November 25, 2009's Customizable Urinal Cake Kits Make it Easy to Pee On People is the largest direct manufacturer and importer of pranks, gags, and funny gifts in the United States. The company is known for providing both individuals and wholesale customers with a wide variety of innovative and fun toy and games such as the Toilet Monster, the Fanny Bank, and Tattoo Sleeves.

The company's newest item, The Customizable Urinal Cake Kit was created out of the success of their regular line of Pee On Urinal Cakes. Pee On Urinal Cakes are urinal cakes with photos of popular iconic people on them, such as Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong-Il, and President George W. Bush. The gag became such a great seller, Steve Wampold, CEO of, decided to create a more customizable version.

Customizable Urinal Cake Kit

"I wanted to create a customizable urinal cake where people could cut out a photo of their boss and place it into a urinal for all the male co-workers to laugh at. I think it would be great to one day walk into a public restroom at a restaurant and see my waitress' face staring back at me as I pee on her," said Wampold. "Plus, my original Pee-On Urinal Cake idea was to make one with a Yankees logo on it, but I knew I could never get a license. With this kit, I could make my own and not violate any trademarks."

Customizable Urinal Cake Kit Box

Each Customizable Pee On Urinal Cake Kit includes a urinal cake, plastic cover, cake holder, clear plastic window, circle template and a latex glove, so you can keep your hands sanitary.

Everything in the Customizable Urinal Cake Kit

For almost 10 years, has taken great pride in its’ outstanding customer service, innovative ideas, and high quality gags and pranks. For more information, please contact Tom at 1-800-901-1163 or visit


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