Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hilarious Pranks to Play on People

If you are a fan of on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably been chuckling along with our silly suggestions for the Prank of the Day. But if you haven't been following along, here's the latest suggestions for silly pranks you can play on just about anyone:

1. Plant some random vegetables in a neighbor's lawn..they won't discover the prank until the random veggies start growing!

2. Put a bar of soap in someone's coffee, like Farva did in Super Troopers.

3. Every day take a small object from one room and place it another room. Repeat until room is empty.

4. Make some cookies with SUPER hot chilies. Put the cookies out but put a sign up that says “Do Not Eat - Very Hot”

5. Fill up your neighbor's mailbox with ping pong balls!

6. Invite people over for dinner, but make them remove their shoes when they come into your house. When no one is looking, put an egg in each of their shoes!

7. Steal all of your roommates underpants, and place them in their closet next to a gnome, and tell them the underpants gnome got 'em!

8. Run this Flash app on a friend's computer screen & they will thnk their computer is crashing!

9. Rent 3 sheep and spray paint them with the numbers: 1, 2, and 4(not #3), and release them at school, so when people try to capture them, they'll think there's 4 sheep instead of just 3!

10. Scrape all the deodorant out of a friend's deodorant bar & replace it with cream cheese!

11. Take a package of Oreo's & eat the cream out of ALL of them. Replace the cream with toothpaste. Put the package back & wait for someone to eat!

12. Take your bathroom bar of soap & paint clear nail polish all over it. The next time someone tries to wash up, they'll discover the soap is completely useless!

13. Valentine's Day prank: Buy a box of chocolates. Eat all the chocolates. Give empty box to girlfriend :)

14. Try out this HILARIOUS water ceiling prank...all you need is a bowl, water, and a broom:

15. On a buddy's car, run a jumper wire from their door dome light switch (the little plunger at the hinges) to the brake light switch under the dash around the brake pedal. Every time they hit the brakes, the dome light will go on - great at night!

What are some other funny pranks you have pulled on friends that should be included in an upcoming "Prank of the Day?"

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