Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Products and Blowout Prices!

GIANT 12 foot tall Beach Ball!
Giant Beach Ball

This giant ball measures up to 10 feet when fully inflated (12 feet uninflated). It's huge! The fun possibilities of this giant beach ball are endless! Bring it to the next tailgating party, bbq, or simply block the sun from those sitting next to you at the beach! Air compressor/pump NOT included but definitely recommended!

The Brain Fart
Brain Fart

Is your train of thought more of a train wreck? Do you often forget your passwords? Do you tend to leave the house without your pants? You’ve got Brain Farts! Squeeze this hilarious brain and add a farting sound effect to your forgetfulness! Great for the office or during class. Use it yourself or as a hilarious gag gift. No batteries required!

Magnetic Bumper Magnets at Blowout Prices!
Magnetic Bumper Magnets on sale for $1.99

Port-a-Pint Folding Beer Glass
Portable Folding Beer Glass

When the keg starts flowing, don't be caught off-guard. Pack a Port-A-Pint in your pocket and you'll be ready to knock one back at a moment's notice. Just flick your wrist and the cup magically extends. Give it a little tug for good measure. Pour. Enjoy!

Liquid Ass
Liquid Ass

Liquid ASS is a highly–concentrated, butt–crack smell with hints of green poo, fart, and dead animal. Its uses are unlimited. Spray it in an elevator, car or office cubical. Just a few sprays of Liquid Ass is enough to clean a crowded room. Get revenge with Liquid Ass.

Barack Obama FAIL T-Shirt
Barack Obama FAIL T-Shirt

Yes we can! …oh no wait, perhaps we can't. Unfortunately, though he tried really really hard, Obama's presidency so far is a big fat FAIL. If you agree, this funny Obama FAIL T-Shirt is for you!

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