Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top 5 Thrifty Buys of the Week at PrankPlace

The Disgusting Sounds Pen - Only $3.19
Disgusting Sounds Pen

Just hit the clicker on this real working pen and gross noises will litter the air!

Inflatable Alien - Only $5.99
Inflatable Alien

Don't worry, this martian won't probe you, he'll only keep you company and provide proof that we are not alone in the universe!

Rude Doos - Only $1.99
Rude Doos

What's ruder than leaving a pile of crap on someone's desk? A pile of crap in the shape of a middle finger!

"Closet Queen" Bumper Magnet Prank - Only $1.99
Closet Queen Bumper Magnet

Have a friend who needs his ego knocked down a peg? Prank him with this Closet Queen Bumper Magnet!

"Game Over" Funny Toilet Paper - Only $1.40
Game Over Funny Toilet Paper

Planning a party that you know will end up with someone hugging the throne? Be sure to stock up on this toilet paper!

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